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Foggy wekkend at HOCHKAR - AUSTRIA

In the second half on March, we have visited ski resort Hochkar in Austria. We really love skiing and this place was very nice. We have enjoyed it although the weather was windy, cold and hills were completely overlaid by the fog.

We were happy for this weather because the scenery was charming under the mist. Do you feel you need much more perfect days which you spend on snowy ski slopes and forests? We definitely do.

These photos which we made there are just farewell to the winter. Enjoy it!

After getting up the summit of Vorgipfel mountain we saw a beautiful build up of fog rolling through the valleys and Tom decided to create a light and moody images.

When we have finished photoshooting, I must say, that we hoped the clouds will have been gone asap, because the air was like a milk, white and opaque. Bad weather conditions caused that ski slopes were almost empty, which was great, but I didn´t feel much safety because my ski skills aren't as good as Tom's (he has been to ski since he was two years old!).

We have decided fastly to make a trip into the mountains. We took with us our friend with his girlfriend and it's always a funny time when we are together!

It's quite easy to drive to Austria if you are from southern part of Czech Republic. We packed our bags, cameras, ski and some food, put it into the old car and at 4:50 (planned at 4:00) started our journey.

Our friend, Jiří, is a car enthusiast and he drove whole four hours. When we arrived, the ski resort has been already opened, so we had to hurry up. After a long perfect day on ski slopes, we accommodated in our favourite Adventure hostel in Grossreifling and stayed there for a night.

Thank you for reading guys, your Eve ❤

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