GOSAUSEE - AUSTRIA - Tom and Eve Photography


It won't surprise you, that this trip was an absolutely spontaneous idea. We wanted to set off somewhere, but not go too far. We packed up cameras, sleeping bags, something to eat and we were ready to go! Without great planning, we enjoyed plenty of experiences and beautiful sceneries.

How else than into the mountains. The Alps are our endless love. When you find a place such as Gosausee, where majestic mountains are reflecting in clear alpine lakes, you know immediately that you have found a perfect place for a photo trip.

The tops of mountains fascinated us with the bloody color, which was caused of the sunrise. The sunset was as beautiful as the sunrise, but the atmosphere outside was less dramatic. Everything was in melancholy tones, colored into light pink. Local grandfathers were sitting next to the hotels, singing their typical songs and enjoying a warm evening. We could hear them even on the opposite side of a lake.

There are a lot of tourists by Vorderer Gosausee in the summer and we directly hate it. That's why we decided to hike to Hinterer Gosausee, which is absolutely wonderful. The trail was hilly and it was really hot, so we did not do the best. (But in contrast with the winter hike, this trip was a fairy tale.) The positive thing was that there weren't crowds of people. When we arrived, we soaked our feet in the lake, took some pictures and we felt beautiful.

When saw the huge massif, Dachstein, we decided to reach an Adamekhütte one day. It is beautiful mountain hut under the highest top of this area, Hoher Dachstein. (I think that it will be our next meta.) The hut is situated nearly 2200 meters above sea level.

Evening swimming in the clear mountain water was liberating. We were the only brave ones swam in the icy lake. The night in the car was quite cold. Unfortunately, we couldn't shoot stars because the sky was full of clouds. So instead of stars, we were watching cute fireflies.

In the end of our trip, we have explored a picturesque town Hallstatt. Honestly, it is really beautiful town, but terribly overcrowded. I hate it when I can't walk through the street (+ unbearable hot weather). So if you think the same I recommend visiting the city offseason or really early morning.

I must say, that we have made a lot of nice memories. It was a beautiful and adventurous trip.

Big thanks for reading, love, your Eve.

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