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Berchtesgaden - Germany

The most challenging. It is the best designation of our trip to Germany, specifically to the Berchtesgaden area. Fascinating views, sunny weather, mountain meadows with flowers, cows with bells, extremely deep lakes and wonderful waterfalls. ♥ It was our three days hike in the mountains.

Tom have planned this trip quite long ago. At last, we had free time after examination period at university. Here are locations which we have visited: Jenner, Königsee + Obersee and Schönau am Königssee.

We packed up our backpacks which were full of photo technique and meal (44 pounds each). We parked the car in the Hinterbrand car park. (Btw don't forget to take with you enough coins if you want to stay in the mountains a few days. We underestimated it :D) About 5 o'clock p.m. we started to climb on Jenner. We stayed on the top for a night and we enjoyed amazing views, sunset and sunrise and of course shooting of stars. We were very lucky that the main way and the cableway were closed so there weren't tourists. (Thanks God! No dames in sandals with handbags and parasols..)

Early morning we set off to Obersee. We reached the target after 9 hours. The journey was 20 km long and we climbed up over 2600 meters. Yes, we were absolutely exhausted but happy at the same time. Hot weather, heavy backpack and difficult steep paths sometimes looked like a ferrata. (Not a nice feeling to be somewhere on a rock a few hundred meters above a lake which is 190 meters deep, your legs and brain are just K.O. and you can go sooo slow, step by step, hold on to steel ropes.)

Though it hurt, we don't regret. The beautiful landscape and fresh mountain air are a cure. We had a rest by Obersee and the following day we went to Königsee to catch a boat to the town. We enjoyed the cruise because we were the only passengers on the boat :) Schönau am Königssee is a nice town, but full of people, tourists and it is not our cup of tea. When we arrived there my first words were: Take me back to the mountains…

Some tips for hikers - amateurs:

1) The more pounds on your back, the longer is a way.

2) You must have a high-quality backpack.

3) Make a plan. (Be careful about paths you will choose.)

4) Don't go alone. (The trip is funnier and safety with a crew.)

5) To have enough meal and DRINK!

Thanks for reading guys! Eve ♥

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