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Hi, we are Tom and Eve.

We are a photography duo from the Czech Republic. Both of us started photography before we have met each other and since our first date, our passion for capturing the moment has been a constant source of inspiration throughout our relationship. We decided to join forces and use our different abilities to create inspiring visual stories.

As a couple, we are nature and travel lovers and each trip has been part of our own story. Our work consists mainly of commercial and wedding photography. We also focus on influence marketing, so we are assisting other brands promoting their work on social networks.

Tomáš Havel
I am an outdoor commercial photographer, explorer and social influencer with a passion for wilderness. Nothing makes me happier than hiking a mountain and seeing the world from a different angle. I have discovered the true love for photography during my first trip to northern Norway. Since then I have been enthusiastic for traveling and I have constantly sought out adventure and unique views. Over the years, and a multitude of miles traveled, my images have been featured in many exciting projects and my shots have got into many magazines. I have had the honor of working with a growing collection of clients. You can find out more about me in my own portfolio focused on landscape: www.tomashavel.com

Eva Procházková 
My love for photography started with portraits and lifestyle and it is still my big passion. Then I reached my first shooting of wedding. I greatly enjoy these special occasions and I found a new interest in capturing moments and creating lasting memories. Along with natural portraiture and weddings, I love landscape and travel photography. 

I never leave home without my camera and capturing our own adventures. An ideal day for me means a trip to the mountains, with a backpack and my camera hiking some hills, drinking a cup of hot tea while watching a beautiful sunset and falling asleep in Tom's arms under the sky full of stars.

Take some time to explore the rest of our site to read our blog, see examples of our work and have a wonderful time on this web. We would love to know more about you, so feel free to get in touch. We can’t wait to hear about your plans!

You can follow us on Instagram: @tomashavel  and @evewithcamera

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