BLOG - Tom and Eve Photography


The most challenging. It is the best designation of our trip to Germany, specifically to the Berchtesgaden area. Fascinating views, sunny weather, mountain meadows with flowers, cows with bells, extremely deep lakes and wonderful waterfalls. It was our three days hike in the mountains.


In the second half on March, we have visited ski resort Hochkar in Austria. We really love skiing and this place was very nice. We have enjoyed it although the weather was windy, cold and hills were completely overlaid by the fog.


A magical time, when the last leaves falling down the tree, mornings are quiet, the land is wet and cold... It is the time of autumn mist. Every photo which you can see on this blog post comes from my native region. Around the Křemešník hill, there are a lot of mixed forests and beautiful meadows with grazing horses.


It won't surprise you, that this trip was an absolutely spontaneous idea. We wanted to set off somewhere, but not go too far. We packed up cameras, sleeping bags, something to eat and we were ready to go! Without great planning, we enjoyed plenty of experiences and beautiful sceneries.


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